Get Food to Your Holiday Destination With Ease

The holidays are a great time to share the food you've prepared with the people who mean the most to you. You may also be taking food to the local homeless shelters or soup kitchens in your area. If you'll be transporting food this holiday season, here are some tips from the Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi dealership for making sure your car stays clean.

Once you place the lid on your bowl or casserole dish, put the dish in a reusable shopping bag. This will ensure the potential stain gets on the bag instead of on the interior of your car. You can also line the bottom of the car with a large trash bag to shield spills. When you're transporting small desserts and finger foods, wrap each snack individually in plastic wrap to keep the food from crumbling, then place all the snacks in a large bag with a seal. You can also line the bag with parchment paper to collect any excess oil or crumbs.

Happy holidays from Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi right here in Saltillo, MS!

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