Our Parts Will Stand the Test of Time

There is always the temptation when purchasing auto parts for your car to go with the cheaper parts found at discount auto stores. Just stop and think about it because factory authorized parts are made according to factory specifications. If the original parts that came with the car in the first place are exactly the correct parts, then the same part would best be used for a replacement.

Second hand, or cut-rate parts are cheaper for a reason. They don't always have the same materials and specifications that the original OEM parts have. For example plastic may be substituted for metal in some parts, so the part does not necessarily stand up as long as the original.

Brand name dealerships also spend good amounts of money training their mechanics and automobile technicians. They are consequently able to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with your brand name vehicle. The problem is not always the part, so it is possible to spend more with cheaper parts because another part was not needed in the first place.

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