What is Horsepower?

Horsepower is the ability of a car to accelerate fast. You can refer to horsepower in Kilowatts. More horsepower typically means a high acceleration and top speed. The power of the engine determines the ability of a car to move fast. When you press the accelerator, you feel the power of its engine, and it is known as torque. The size and design of an engine determine its power output.

An engine dynamometer is responsible for measuring the amount of horsepower produced in the engine. Dynamometers do not measure this power directly. It measures torque first or the load and then converts it to horsepower.

Different engines have the different horsepower. The reason for this variation is that during the manufacturing process every car is designed according to its performance needs. A sports car used for racing wills require a high horsepower as compared to a personal luxury car. The same concept applies to trucks.

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