Halloween Caution To Drivers

All the drivers will agree with us at Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi that Halloween night is one of the most stressful nights to drive around. Many teens and tweens are running around. They seem so excited and never see the car coming.

Normal trick-or-treat hours range from 5:00 pm to around 9:00 pm. If possible, avoid driving during these hours. If not, make sure that your headlights are on. It will help the children to see the car coming.

The activity on the roads is usually high. Some of the children playing may dart in and out of the road, therefore, drive slowly. This way, you can be brake the vehicle suddenly if need be.

The children are usually excited. Therefore, their concentration might not be on the road. As the driver, ensure that you concentrate entirely on the way ahead by avoiding any distractions such as the phone.
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