Technology in the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept

Mitsubishi Motors is bringing new styling and technology to the 45th Tokyo Motor Show with an advanced and ambitious concept vehicle. The motor show will be a milestone event that will be bringing the e-Evolution Concept as the flagship concept car of the brands future.

Shaping the Future

The vehicle will be making a statement at the Tokyo Motor Show displaying what Mitsubishi says will "usher a new era of long-term growth and sustainable development". The future of Mitsubishi is returning the brand to a position to better embrace the future.


The e-Evolution Concept is bringing together advanced technologies to drive the future of the brands lineup through the future. The concept makes use of the signature 4WD of Mitsubishi Motors, an electric powertrain, and advanced artificial intelligence technology. The technology will be wrapped in a sleek and sporty coupe styled SUV.

If you're interested in the e-Evolution Concept, make sure to keep your eye out for more information around the end of October. If you're ready for a Mitsubishi driving experience and can't stand to wait, schedule a test drive at our Saltillo, MS location and get on the road today.

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