Why You Should Test Your Car's Battery Twice Per Year

It's a good idea to test your car's battery when winter and summer come to an end. Both hot and cold temperatures place stress on your battery. Failing to check the battery can result in it dying on you. And you don't want the battery dying while you're on the way to work or somewhere else important. You can test your car's battery at home or let us test it for you at Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi in Saltillo, MS.

You can use a voltmeter to check if your battery is fully charged. Wear rubber gloves and goggles when you check the battery for your safety. Keep the ignition key and lights off as well. The voltage test should read 12.4+ or higher. 12.6+ is ideal because it means the battery is fully charged. At 12.4+, your battery is at 75% charge. Any battery below 75% is considered bad and should thus be replaced.

Testing your car's battery twice per year is important for keeping your car on the road without problems. You can contact our dealership when it's time to have your battery replaced.

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