Signs Your Exhaust Might be Leaking

Your vehicle’s exhaust system begins at the intake manifold where the gases leave the engine’s cylinders and begin their journey through the exhaust system before reaching the tail pipe. This system is an important component to the proper running and overall performance of your car.

The fumes that leave the engine are a powerful combination of air and fuel. They’re not designed to be inhaled until they’ve been processed through the catalytic converter, and only in open and well-ventilated spaces at that point. If the seal between the manifold and the engine has worn out, you could be experiencing the effects of an exhaust leak.

Driving with the fumes of an exhaust leak seeping into your vehicle’s cabin can lead to a physical reaction, such as light-headedness or feeling nauseous. We are here at the Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi service center in Saltillo, MS to assess the situation and keep you and your passengers safe.