Start Back-To-School Car Maintenance with These Tips

Smart maintenance on your car requires some time to get your car prepared and ready to do important transportation tasks to get children to and from school. We at Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi love helping kids get to school with reliable transportation. Safety and preparations will help you stay on the road and get to events on time.

Your safety kit can be a prepackaged kit or you can put one together yourself. Your kit should include a flashlight, gloves, jumper cables, water, fluids, and blankets. You may also want to include a box of granola bars, just in case you are without services for a lengthy time.

A maintenance schedule should be listed in your user manual for your car. Following this schedule will help keep your car in prime shape. Basic maintenance, such as getting your fluids checked, is also a good idea going into fall.

When you are in Saltillo, stop by and our sales staff can give you more back-to-school tips, while you get your car serviced!



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