Understanding Your Tire Pressure Monitor Warning

Many modern cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors. They're designed to measure air pressure and notify you if your tires are outside of the acceptable range. They play an important role in your vehicle's overall efficiency and safety, so it's good to know what that little indicator light on your dash means.

Your tire pressure can be affected by a number of different things. Changes in temperature outside can cause the monitor to trigger a warning. In the winter, tire pressure tends to decrease until you start moving. In the summer, the pressure can increase.

Another common issue is leaking. Small nails, rocks, and other debris on the road can cause a small puncture in the rubber. Air will slowly leak out, affecting the tire pressure. Whatever the case may be, bring your vehicle to Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi. We can diagnose the problem, reset your sensors, and come up with a suitable solution to get you back on the road.



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