Explore the Tech Features of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Not every SUV comes full-sized. A compact SUV appeals to those preferring such a vehicle. They don't need all the space or size though. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross stands tall as one of the more popular subcompact options out there. The advanced technology features play a role in the model's popularity.

The "head-up display" addresses a concern many drivers possess. Looking away from the road to look at speed levels or other information isn't always safe. With the full-color display placed in front of the driver's line of vision, things change.

A smartphone link audio system further expands technological capabilities when driving or riding in the Eclipse Cross. Also, someone may engage a smartphone for remote actions such as tweaking the climate or even starting the vehicle.

At Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi, we are impressed with the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and would like to see you go on a test drive. Driving a short trip in Saltillo may reveal a lot.



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