Battery Testing Strategies for an Automobile

If you own a car that has a regular engine you can test its battery very easily with a multimeter. This device is sold at a local hardware store that has an automotive department.

When you connect a multimeter to your car battery, its display will provide a reading. An ideal voltage reading is 12.6 volts or more because it's the starting point for a fully charged battery. Typically, if a reading is slightly lower, you can continue to use your car as this means that the battery is partially drained. You should never try to operate a vehicle when your multimeter provides a very low voltage reading because the battery will fail to crank the engine over time.

A solid defensive can help you maintain a powerful battery. If you need help setting up and reading a multimeter, help is available at Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi. We test, charge, and replace batteries for a variety of vehicles.



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