Remove Vehicle Badging with Simple Items

Those who don't like vehicle badging have a few options to remove it. It can be a fairly simple process if the badging is attached with adhesive. Below are some ways to remove your badging.

First, you can try steaming water. Pour it around the adhesive. If that doesn't work, you can spray adhesive remover on the badging. Make sure it seeps into the crevices. Third, you can use heat to soften badging glue using a hair dryer.

Once the adhesive is soft, take something plastic to pry off the badging. It can be a plastic wedge, a plastic ice scraper, or a credit card.

Those in Saltillo who want a professional to do all the debadging should bring their vehicle by Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi and let us do it. Our team can also take a look at your vehicle to make sure it is running in top shape while you're here.



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