Tire Rotation Service in Saltillo, MS at Barnes Mitsubishi

October 9th, 2019 by

We invite you to schedule a tire rotation at Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi when the time comes due for this crucial service. The tires of your Mitsubishi should undergo rotation once every 6,000 miles or so, in order to best preserve their lifespans and traction capabilities. In a tire rotation service here in Saltillo, MS, our technicians remove the wheels of your car and place them in different points on the axles, depending on their drive train, in order to ensure they wear down at the same rate. Eventually, you will need to replace the tires fully, when their tread reaches below 4/32-inch, but a rotation ensures they maintain optimal traction for as long as possible. Schedule a tire rotation today here at Barnes Crossing Mitsubishi in Saltillo, MS; you will find our service center on-location at our dealership.

How Does Rotating Tires Preserve Them?

The tires of your vehicle put forth different levels of effort, depending on the drive line of your vehicle. As an example, if your Mitsubishi Mirage has front-wheel drive (as all new models will), the front tires tend to work the hardest to steer and provide traction. Thus, when our technicians rotate the tires, they swap out the tires which see the most action with the ones that usually simply drive, so that the front tires will get a break from action a bit and thee rear tires will provide traction. Our tire rotations work differently for every driveline, with special rotations taking place for Mitsubishi CUV models with the All-Wheel Control System. Think of a tire rotation similar to a sporting event, wherein certain players might undergo substitution with more elite players when fatigued or injured.

However, a tire rotation service in Saltillo, MS only preserves the lifespan of these tires for so long. Eventually, the tread of all four tires will wear down and lead to hydroplaning if unchecked. As a rule of thumb, you may test traction, when parked, by placing a penny edge-first into one of the larger grooves of the tire. If you notice President Lincoln’s head mostly or completely obscured, your tires remain in good standing, but if you can see most (if not all) of his head, then you should order replacement tires immediately and schedule a service appointment for swapping.

Schedule a Tire Rotation Today

When your Mitsubishi comes due for a tire rotation, schedule a service appointment and come see us at Barnes Mitsubishi today! See you soon!
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